I am so proud of my spiritual brothers. Your voluntary contribution of what you and others have done for your Community has been of very interest to me. You all have contributed immensely and are a credit to your family and Community. I wish I lived nearer. But never really liked London to live although most of my family lives there. (Ok to come and go) 😊.

The reason is that I too see volunteering (paid or unpaid) within the Community that you lived and wanting to make it better is something to be proud. I know some people uses the word ‘ giving back’, but I do not know about that. 

When I first got involved it was about helping my people (People of Colour) as there was a great disparity within the Community and so I got involved with others to make a difference within our Community. I was not yet saved, sadly most of us who were involved in these projects were not Christian. It was difficult at the time to get the Church involved and the few that did, unfortunately did not stay the course.

One such Project was a Sheltered Accommodation specifically for ‘people of colour’ of which I was one of the founder members. (It came about after 2 elders were found dead in their homes – separate occasions). This extends to an ever-growing social housing called ‘Tuntum Housing Association (Ashanti word for Black). It was set up due to the disproportionate of decent housing for our people within the city and outer areas. Other shoots off included mother & baby unit, hostel, care in the home for elderly etc. (Mainly black carers). 

In due Course we visited Communities in the North, as that is where we are based to see what they were doing. We also went to Birmingham, met up with Bishop Wilton Powell & Bishop Graham, paid a visit to Nehemiah Housing to see what they were involved in (I was recently saved then and felt proud that the ‘Church’ was getting involved in the Community & was outside of the four walls). In the late 90s we were able to house many who came over from Montserrat when they had the volcanic eruptions.

Sadly, for me, it seems those I was involved with in the ‘secular world’ seems to have more faith in getting things done within the community more than my brethren within Christendom.

In these current days it is very difficult to get committed people of colour working together. The ‘people of colour’ community spirit seems to have disappeared with this younger generation within this city.

Africans are trying to diversify. Sad to say, it seems Caribbean’s are competing with each other. There are scopes for the ‘ black lead’ denomination to work with mainstream, but it has not been taken up as much as it could. (Too many churches, also it seems everyone wants to be a Pastor). May God forgive me, but that is how I feel. Working together could make such an impact in this City. 

Just wanted to share with a likeminded Child of the most High God. My continued prayer for you all and hopefully support as and when I can. 

Mavis Jones-Bowen